Skate, Rattle and Roll w/ Hugh Holland

Skate, Rattle and Roll

Great quotes from photography legend Hugh Holland. Hugh captured the most authentic and early days of California skateboarding, totally by accident. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. The only issue being he was not interested in skateboarding per se. It was the raw street style of the skaters that caught his eye. This was at a time shooting with real film, where in most instances you had no idea if you got the shot or missed it. Film created a warm and fuzzy southern California backdrop for the young street skaters. Im my opinion it was Hugh’s lack of interest in skateboarding that makes his photos so compelling.

“Sometimes you do something justfor you. You don’t care who sees it. You don’t care what they think of it.”

 Skate, Rattle & Roll

“I don’t want to be a skateboard photographer, I’m not a skateboard photographer.”

“The style was incredible,” says Holland.

“But at the end, the reason I stopped was because I didn’t like photographing the company logos.”

“1977 was last year of the free spirit,”

 “After that, skate parks were built and money was made.”

“Never mind the lighting. That will take care of itself.”

“Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Thanks Elle Glass and Rush Mag for this sick interview…..

Skate, Rattle & Roll w/ Hugh Holland

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