Tate Kobang ft Aaron LaCrate New Music

Hell yeah I’m doing great, so you know they gon’ hate.

Baltimore is on the track. B-more Gutter visionary, Aaron LaCrate drops a heater to celebrate 10 years of B-more Gutter Music. Yes, remember the block rocking official mixtape that fed the world the most potent and raw serving to Baltimore to date. Yes, the release that Aaron LaCrate produced, designed, A&R’d, directed, envisioned, marketed, and hustled. When they OG’s said “Baltimore Club is Dead” Aaron LaCrate brilliantly¬†defibrillatored the entire genre into his own thugged out Gutter 2.0. Well that said, Aaron LaCrate joins forces with fellow B-more rap powerhouse, Tate Kobang on this timely track, “Aint A Damn Thing Change” which says it all dont it.

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